Open Future Forum

We are Open Future Forum. We are executives, leaders, investors, founders and engineers based in the Bay Area CA.

About Open Future Forum

  • Introduction: 
    The Open Future Forum, established in 2022, is Silicon Valley’s leading assembly of technology professionals. This group, composed of top-tier in AI, CyberSecurity, Cloud / Infrastructure and Blockchain / Web3 talents globally, promotes industry advancement and supports various stakeholders, including corporations, investors, founders, and developers.
    Our team leads community initiatives, ranging from regional events and summits to virtual content, complemented by our dynamic private online hub. Our platform serves as an exclusive knowledge-sharing and Q&A space for industry leaders. We selectively partner with community-endorsed, closely aligned organizations for sponsorship. In return, sponsors gain exceptional access to influential figures in the AI field.
  • Our membership community comprises four groups:

    Fundable Startups: Entrepreneurs who have either raised at least $1 million or have received an exemption from our selection committee.

    Investors: Those who are passionate about supporting innovative ventures.

    Enterprises: Executives, collaborators and organizations to join our dynamic community.

    Expert Partners: Co hosts, expert suppliers and vetted resources.
  • Why join

    Deeper Connections: Access to a vetted community of like-minded individuals, fostering meaningful connections and partnerships.

    Exclusive Events: Privileged access to events and gatherings designed for our members, ensuring you’re at the forefront of industry insights and opportunities.

    Private Member Areas: Dive into specialized spaces where you can collaborate, share, and learn in a more intimate setting.

    “The community at Open Future Forum are such a great group of leaders. It’s a pleasure to grow together!”

High Intensity

High intensity networking is the most efficient way to use your time in the least amount of time.


We are always looking for speakers, volunteers and others to help us make our vision a reality. We’ll help you find a way to help others that best suits you. 

Super Fun

Looking for a good time? Come to our events – you’ll have a great time and who knows what opportunities you will discover.


More About Open Future Forum

  • About the Event:
    We host weekly events in Palo Alto area and monthly events in San Francisco. Weekly events are on the whole networking mixers and monthly events are normally panel events. 
  • Event History:
    Over the last 12 months the leadership team have held one day events with over 2500 registrations, executive salons, round-tables, hackathons, networking events, demo days, pitch contests and 2 incubators. In total over 50 events in 12 months.

Why Sponsor Open Future Forum Events

  • Brand Awareness
    Place your brand in front of engaged executives. Sponsors/Partner Logos and Company Descriptions will be featured on all dedicated marketing emails to our global network, as well as all attendees pre, post and during the events.
  • Networking
    Virtual or In-person? No matter your preference, our hybrid event platform allows you to connect, schedule meetings and network with C/V/Director Level Executives globally.
  • Thought Leadership
    Influence the world’s most senior leadership: Our Partners will have the chance to publish content through our digital channels and in person communities with strong CTA’s, driving traffic to their website, and convert readers into customers.
  • Lead Generation
    ROI is key to any activity. Sponsors will receive fully enriched lead files and delegate info for post event demand generation and prospecting.
  • Who attends
    Meta, Google, Nvidia, Microsoft, Plug n Play, Race Capital, Yes Vc, SoftBank , SAP, Salesforce, Amazon, 500 Global, Accenture, Fujitsu, LG Ventures, Deutsche Telekom, JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte, VMWARE, Redpoint Ventures, Propel VC, 7Percent Ventures, Twilio, Mastercard, Roche, Visa, Lowes, UC Davis, Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, MIT, Yale, Brown


56% Founders / Ceo’s
8% Software Engineers
12% Investors
4% Vp

Our CEO and Founder: Murray Newlands

  • VC and founding partner at Open Future Technology
  • A two-decade-long track record of driving revenue growth in SaaS/B2C companies
  • C-level leadership positions at renowned VC-backed organizations such as Turing, Front, and CRS
  • Recipient of multiple industry awards